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Julie Felgar

Julie Felgar


Julie Felgar, managing director of Environmental Strategy and Integration at Boeing Commercial Airlines, leads the team responsible for identifying opportunities to improve the company’s and industry’s environmental performance by working with a broad range of stakeholders across the Enterprise and Industry. Felgar is responsible for ensuring an integrated strategy and coordinated approach to environmental policy advocacy, biofuels commercialization, and marketing for BCA. She works closely with the Product Development team in articulating design for the environment into future products.

Prior to her current role Julie served as the Director of International Operations in Washington, DC., where she represented Boeing Company interests with U.S. Government agencies, embassies, and trade and professional organizations promoting commercial aircraft programs in the Americas and Asia.

Previously, Julie was the senior manager of Government Relations and Licensing in Global Trade Controls. As such, she was responsible for Boeing’s dual-use license submissions to the U.S. Government and maintaining/developing the appropriate relationships within the Government and the aviation industry, to aid in shaping the export control regulatory environment and facilitating Enterprise business objectives.

Prior to Boeing, Julie worked in the U.S. Government in a series of roles related to export controls at the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security. She graduated in 1997 with a master’s degree in International Studies/Business from George Washington University and has a bachelor of arts in International Studies from Florida State University. She is originally from Zimbabwe and is the active mother of three young sons.