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Halophyte Agroforestry

Mangroves play a special role in ecosystems around the world, protecting coasts from wave action and erosion, providing a habitat for many marine species, shelter for fish nurseries, feeding grounds for wading birds, and serving as a carbon sink. In Gulf countries like the UAE this is even more so, where only a few plants have adapted to the severe desert conditions, high saline seas, extremely low rainfall and high winds.

The research conducted by the SBRC in areas such as carbon sequestration capacity and the relationships between different physical and chemical factors, could help in determining how environmental changes coming from climate change, agriculture, aquaculture or urban development can affect coastal mangroves in the UAE. Variables like air temperature, salinity, sea currents, shore slope, substrate and sea level rise fluctuations will be key to take into account in the assessment of these impacts.

Soil stabilization, erosion protection or potential use in treating effluents will be part of the activities and possible applications of the research.