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Research Projects

Molecular and Biochemical Screening of Mangrove Sediments in Abu Dhabi for Biomass Degrading Enzymes

PI: Dr. Lina Yousef, , Assistant Professor – Chemical and Environmental Engineering Enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose (β-1,4 linked glucose polymer) to glucose followed by fermentation to ethanol promises to be a sustainable process for gene

Bioenergy production from high salinity lignocellulosic biomass: Salicornia bigelovii and Avicennia marina

PI: Dr. Mette Thomsen, Assistant Professor - Chemical Engineering The integrated seawater agriculture system is composed of three main biological processes, two of which are represented by an oilseed crop (Salicornia Bigelovii) and Mangrove silvicul

Anaerobic digestion as key technology for nutrient and energy recovery in the Seawater Energy & Agriculture System (SEAS) project

PI:  Dr. Jorge Rodriguez , Associate Professor - Chemical & Environmental Engineering The sustainability of an integrated seawater agriculture system relies not only on the direct energy balance and carbon footprint, the adequate materials

Screening oilseed halophytes for production under seawater irrigation in the United Arab Emirates

PI: Dr. J. Jed Brown The feasibility of growing halophytes using high salinity water was assessed as part of a larger effort to develop sustainable biofuels for the aviation sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This effort entailed collecting w